Building Funding Solutions for Property Investors


Building Funding Solutions for Property InvestorsFor commercial investment portfolios the key factors affecting lending terms are understandably the length of the unexpired lease(s), the asset quality, the location of the property and the quality of the tenant’s covenant. All lenders assess these factors differently and, thankfully for you, this means that a wide range of terms can be achieved for the same portfolio. Our role is therefore crucial to finding what you want.


For residential investments there are many off- the- shelf products that we can access as appropriate. Additionally we also are able to include a number of lenders and funds who can tailor a bespoke funding solution for you.


We need to understand your short, medium and long term intention with regards to ownership and required investment returns to ensure that we match you with the right funding source. With our hands on support you can maximise the likelihood of achieving your objectives.


We support our clients with the acquisition, refinance or capital raising against the assets of residential or commercial portfolios held throughout the UK. The minimum funding level is £1m.


Let Building Funding Solutions deliver investment finance options for you...